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“There’s not one singer from mt generation, or after, that she hasn’t impacted.”In her book and in person, Coolidge is happy to extol legendary and lesser-known musicians alike.

: I liked his guitar-playing, but not him as human being or his personality.Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Russell wrote his classics “A Song for You” and “Delta Lady” for Coolidge.Fellow Rock Hall of Famer Stephen Stills wrote “Cherokee” for her and featured her harmony singing on his 1970 hit, “Love the One You’re With.” Later, she scored hits of her own, beginning with 1977’s “Your Love Has Taken Me Higher and Higher.” Through subterfuge, Coolidge writes in her memoir, Stills tried his best to woo her away from Nash — she and Nash actually became an item.“I would have been happy to be with them for the rest of my life.And when George Harrison went on tour with us in England, he was such a great lovely guy.

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Yet, if there is a theme to the book, it is her resilience and ability to look forward, even as she reflects on a sometimes turbulent past.“It really was cathartic,” Coolidge said.

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