Validating account numbers uk modulus checking

Alternatively, if the user is selecting account details already stored on the record of an existing constituent via the drop-down list, validation will occur as the user tabs away from the Account field or clicks into another area of the batch.

If the account details are found to be invalid, a small triangle will display in the top right-hand corner of the cell, as shown below.

The University of Oxford Development Office has contracted with Zeidman Development and Unified Software to integrate the automated validation services within DARS CRM.

This issue is being worked on by Blackbaud and will be corrected in a future release.

When corrected, account details will not be written to the constituent record until the batch is successfully committed.

Validation of the entire batch will also be initiated when clicking on the main batch Validate button, under Processes.

After clicking Validate, if an account is found to be invalid, in addition to the above error, the following warning note '' will be displayed at the beginning of the row.

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