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He promptly climbed up the savage ravine and into a cave, watched in astonishment by the ship's crew, who were able to sail forthwith.That was the start of fifty years of solitude and canonisation after his death.When a hunter discovered him nearing the end of his life he was so moved by the hermits sanctity he vowed to follow the ascetic life himself.However, when the converted hunter arrived the following year with a little band of followers he found the future saint already dead and his bones strewn on the cave floor.Herodotus, the ancient Greek historian, mentions a number of cities there and an oracle of Apollo.It is also true that there were hermits on Mount Athos in the 7th century AD.It consists of a range which runs south-east for thirty miles from Xerxes' Canal, where Xerxes the Persian King cut a canal across the peninsula for his ships to pass.

It dates back more than a thousand years, to Byzantine times.The bones were reverently collected and kept by the monks of Klementos, a monastery which stood where Iviron stands today.The monk's story implies that in 840 AD, when Peter the Athonite arrived the mountain was largely uninhabited, but by the time of his death 50 years later the monastery of Klementos was already built.It declared that only religious men should live there and all other laymen, shepherds etc, were forbidden to enter the "Garden of the Virgin".The first historically confirmed hermits were Peter the Athoniatis and Euthymios of Salonica, both of them dating around 840 AD, both of them very influential in the history of Mount Athos.

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