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He recalls one game where he and the other game officials had to lock themselves in the locker room to avoid physical confrontation, and weren't able to go home until they received an RCMP escort. Tom Roy is the RCMP Detachment Commander in Fort Nelson, a northeastern community that services the oil and gas sector for B. "We noticed when things are busy, 2008, nine, ten, and eleven that our crime rate was kind of trending upwards," he says.Witwicki is now quitting, and says that unless things change he doesn't expect there to be enough referees on amateur ice rinks. "Now we've noticing here over the last couple of years that there's a lot less activity in the natural gas patch here in Fort Nelson that our crime statistics are now trending downwards..."The earlier you are aware if you are HIV positive, then you are able to access medications and supports rather than finding out later on," she says."When you have a population of people living with HIV, 25 percent of them don't know they are HIV positive, and they are then causing 75 percent of the new infections...December 1 marks World AIDS Day in Canada, and on December 2 Northern Health begins a new initiative aimed at reducing the spread of the infectious disease.Starting Monday, all patients over the age of 14 who are admitted to the hospital will be offered a HIV test.

In fact, we are required under the Canada Labour Code to provide a safe workplace, including the hearing room.

The Vancouver Observer has published what it says is proof that the National Energy Board coordinated spying on environmental groups before public hearings on the pipeline project, with help from the RCMP and CSIS.

"National Energy Board committed to safety at hearings The NEB's mandate is to regulate pipelines, energy development and trade in the Canadian public interest.

"As part of our focus on safety, we may work with local officials and our federal colleagues, such as the RCMP, to conduct a security assessment before a hearing.

We use this information to develop plans to protect the safety of everyone involved.

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