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Sug, the place, has always carried the sound equivalent to the long u vowel in English, whereas sug, the current, has its u vowel pronounced in almost similar manner as the u in the English word urn, which is assigned the dictionary symbol of letter e with a dot on top, hence ė (The Lexicon Webster International Dictionary of the English Language).The uncorrupted and classical Bahasa Sug has four vowels: (1).Suluk was transformed into Sug, at least among the Tausugs, after many years of language corruption and “lingual laziness”.

Suluk now being transformed to Suk is readily explained by the lingual idiosyncrasy cited.For a background, let us take cognizance of the observation that at the time when Sulu was just being written about, which presumably was that historical phase when the place was just beginning to entice interested people, the pioneering chroniclers were non-Tausugs, and more hinderingly, non-Muslims: Blair and Robertson, Saleeby, Dalrymple, Santayana, Van Diyk, to name some.In this writer’s opinion, the writers’ being alien to the area had placed them in a detrimental and predisposed position, affecting even the Lebanese-American Najeeb Saleeby (author, The History Of Sulu), who has been claimed by Dean Cesar Adib Majul as “not quite knowledgeable about Islamic institutions” (Muslim in the Philippines, Chapter II), and who therefore suffered from the same predicament.In fact, even if the Tausug advisers had the correct phonetics, meaning the two words were pronounced differently, there would still be the possibility for the interchange of the two words from a fault on the writers’ end because of their paucity of exposure to the peculiarity of the pronunciation.We are talking here only about a spoken language, but if we now deal with the written forms of the two differently pronounced words, we would find out that they would become more misleading to an uninformed reader who would find nothing different in them since they are usually similarly spelled (sug, Sug).

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Sug, as the Tausugs’ present name for the island of Jolo, has been in use since a point in time no one can dare guess.

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