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Some do this by using the right angles and filters, while some go as far as to have themselves photoshopped. After all, aren’t most people guilty of living a parallel life online that distorts their reality? Think of the popularity of Snapchat with its photo self-destruct. When he leaned over to shake her hands, she was towering over him. On his Tinder profile her date had only posted close-up photos of his face. This makes photos the most important part of a profile, leaving people with only one option: to put up their best shots. Finally at 1 pm, with butterflies in her stomach, she walked into the restaurant they were to meet at. Fish is lured into a hook using bait, and the fisherman pulls in the line when the fish is most perplexed. By stepping outside the lines of mystical representation are they annihilating who they really are? It’s like going through a glossy shopping catalogue only to discover that the dress you ordered is too big, too short, too ugly or too ill-fitting. Because unlike products, there’s no ‘return’ feature on human beings, is there?Here are 8 Tinder horror stories that will make you want to cancel tonight’s Tinder date and hurl your phone into the sea.Names marked with a * have been changed to protect the innocent (and the borderline insane). But when he got to the coffee shop he couldn’t find his date. The app is all about first impressions, and success on Tinder is ultimately defined by the number of matches someone has.

Frankly, if a person could get supermodels, they wouldn’t even be on Tinder. If A Profile Looks Different In Every Photo: So much so that you can’t even tell if it’s the same person. Despite its shallow methods, Tinder has become a necessity for many to meet new people, have flings, and even find love, for which purposes people have to put their best foot forward, via photo or Photoshop.Editor's note: So you’ve swiped right, exchanged numbers and got yourself a date on Tinder. This is a 10-part series on the dating landscape among the young-ish and single-ish of India. Similarly, most people are — as mentioned above — inclined to glorification and self-aggrandisation to make themselves attractive to the opposite sex, especially online. In a similar vein, when people completely transform themselves on Tinder, what are they hoping to gain?Part V is about the date who simply doesn't match up to that photo you saw on the app. After two weeks of messaging and calling she finally had a date with her Tinder match, a guy who seemed courteous, intelligent and funny. That once they meet someone in real life that person will look past their bad hair and wonky teeth and fall in love with their real self?After a while a fellow diner takes pity on me and admits she saw Jon leave.I had to pay the bill and I think I was just used for a free meal!

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For that, here are some of the potential red flags on every Tinder profile that you can be aware of: 1. Till then, follow the golden rules for sifting through your potential Tinder matches, and good luck on finding the one who matches with you — and with their photo.

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