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It can also make the difference between having to buy a bigger size belt or not. Protein provides us with the raw material needed to build and repair muscle. Carbohydrates are specifically important when it comes to providing our body with energy too.

Adequate carbohydrate intake can properly fuel your workouts.

Next lets look at Layne Norton– Layne is 5’10 and competes in the 93kg class.

He is also a competitive bodybuilder who steps on stage at around 195lbs.

Even though powerlifting training doesn’t burn many calories, it still places a demand on your body.

I’d drastically cut weight, hardly eaten for 24-hours, not hydrated properly, and had about as much energy as a sodium-saturated slug.Layne is competing at about 10lbs away from show weight which is super lean.Layne recently broke the squat world record at the IPF World Championship That dogma of big overweight lifters is over…its time for the new era to take over. Proper nutrition can make the difference between winning and losing.Let’s say you normally compete at a weight class of 93kg but for this next meet you wanted to drop down to the 83kg class.You would have to drop roughly 20lbs; this would change your leverages completely.

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