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The women felt that those plans went directly against the team's wholesome image.The news of their walkout became a huge local story.

As for Caitlyn, she said, “I plead the Fifth.” They went to prom at the Houston Museum of Natural Science after dinner.

Yet 10,000 retweets later, the two are a prom couple.

For “Big Mike,” as he’s been known to his friends since his sophomore year at Crosby High School in suburban Houston, it all started as a joke during 3rd period, when Caitlyn — who, as per Texans policy, isn’t allowed to give her last name — followed him on a “Twitter following spree.” “I was all like, ‘What if I took a Texans cheerleader to prom? “He was like, ‘That would be pretty cool.’” So Ramirez sent Caitlyn a message.

"That's just not the case." Jones insisted there were no plans for major changes for the cheerleaders in the clips we found from that day in our WFAA Archives. "Once he had that talk with us, that's when we all decided to stay." 30 years later, through the lense of time, the women's complaints sound a bit conservative.

"My intent is absolutely to have our cheerleaders hold their heads up high and be as important for moms and dads and their children in the future that there ever has been," said Jones. The cheerleader's uniform is arguably now skimpier than ever, but that doesn't bother Ezelle.

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Twenty-seven hours later, the high school senior, who had recently broken up with his girlfriend, had a date — as well as a lot of semi-envious, semi-genuine “attaboy” tweets from friends and dozens of new Twitter followers. “I didn’t think I was going to actually get it.” The Texans decided the prom would be a blind date.

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