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In his book Wonderstruck, Nic Haygarth traces caving history from the early years to the present day; the characters and the champions of the state's extensive karst systems.

They attract cavers and photographers from across the globe.Tasmania was the home of Australia's first caverneering club which started in Hobart in 1946."In the 70s and onwards there was complete change," Dr Haygarth said."In modern times what happened in tourist caves was a much more scientific approach; the ecology of a cave - how things formed and the process of it."There has been hunger for wild cave tours."While the massive limestone karst system stretching across hundreds of kilometres of the Nullabor Plain is renowned for spanning two states, at 90 metres deep they are relatively shallow. The deepest vertical caves in Australia are in the Junee Florentine, where they drop to 380 metres.It was "rediscovered" in 1977 on the river by then geomorphology student Kevin Keirnan who went on to become the founding director of the Tasmanian Wilderness Society.It was originally dubbed Fraser Cave, after then-prime minister Malcolm Fraser, in a tactic to draw attention to the area.

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